Winterizing Your Portable Basketball Hoops During Cold Weather

We all know that playing around with your small kids is really essential for you. It helps you stay fit and healthy. You can even come closer to your kids by spending some quality time with them. This article is going to deal with some crucial information regarding portable basket ball hoops. They are quite popular worldwide. But most of the people prefer using them in the summer season. Cold weather can really have a negative effect on your basketball hoop.

I would like to suggest you that if you are having a nice portable hoop then you need to winterize it in the best possible way. Unless you protect the whole base properly you will never be able to play basketball in the best possible way. By doing this, you can easily enjoy a game of basketball in the winter season. The plastic material can crack down if you don’t pay proper attention towards it. So, you must carry out proper steps in this regard.

Now, let us discuss some key tips and instructions in this regard. Make sure you pay proper attention towards these points.

• The first thing that you need to do is to allow the water to dissipate from your hoop’s base. It would allow the entire equipment to dry out in the best possible way.

• Now, you can consider filling up your hoop’s base with a lot of sand. It wouldn’t allow the base to freeze or breakdown in low temperature. According to me, it would definitely gain more stability in the scheme of things.

• Now, you need to remove the basketball net in a proper way. Storing it inside your house is the best option available with you. It should not get wet at any cost.

• I would like to tell you that covering the basketball hoop with a huge trash bag is really essential. It would not allow the water to penetrate inside. Once you have done this you can seal the entire bag some tape. I am sure it is a great alternative for all of you.

So, these are a few key tips that would help you prevent your basketball hoop from getting damaged. If you are planning to play basketball this winter season then you need to pursue all these guidelines and take a few safety tips in to consideration. Read this article carefully for further information. I am sure you would benefit a lot from here. Enjoy a lot while playing a game of basketball with your family and friends.

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Knowing 4 Facts About Mini Basketball Hoops Before You Start Buying Them

Basketball game is full with excitements. However, many people do not like to play this game under the hot sun. Here comes the great idea. Mini basketball hoops are specially designed for basketball players who prefer to play the games indoor. Frankly speaking, many people have misunderstanding about mini hoops. In their point of view, these hoops are meant for young kids. In fact, this is not true. The mini hoops are suitable for everyone at all ages. In general, the sizes for mini hoops are relatively smaller. Most of them are adjustable. For your information, some mini hoops are created just for display purpose.

For people who have no idea about what mini hoops are, let me share with you some real facts about these products.

• First thing first, what are the ideal venues to place these small hoops? They can be placed at the basements, family recreation rooms, bedrooms, day care centers, classrooms, dormitories, offices, etc. Everybody can play this game at home or in the office without taking up much of the space. The most important is these hoops are portable. They can be fixed and removed easily.

• There are different types of hoops available in the market. However, not every hoop is suitable for you. There are simple versions and complicated versions of mini hoops. Those simple ones are suitable for office use. They come with plastics backboards and rims. You can hang them at the door. You can throw the foam balls as hard as you want without damaging anything in your office.

• On the other hand, some people may have different demands. They prefer more complicated replicas that resemble pro hoops. They like authentic basketballs with NBA goals. Sometimes, you may find it hard to get these products in the market. Some customized hoops with high quality backboards can only be found through internet. You need to place your order if you want it. You have to be prepared that the investment cost for getting this type of hoop is high. Generally, complicated hoops come with polycarbonate shatterproof backboards and steel rims.

• For young kids or beginners, you are recommended to get simple versions of hoops that feature only plastic backboards, rims and foam balls. They are cheap and easy to set up. You can easily fit them into your home sweet home as their maximum height is only 6 feet. To be frank, in order for the young kids to learn the basic principles of the game, getting them simple hoops is sufficient. Let them have fun before sending them to the real court.

I believe the above mentioned information is able to assist you to make your purchasing decision better. Since there are so many choices offered in the market, you are reminded to evaluate your personal needs carefully so that you can grab the right hoop for yourself.

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Basketball Hoops – How to Easily Store Basketball Hoop Systems

Watching a game of basketball outside or in a gym, you may think that the basketball hoop is fixed and set. That may be true in some cases, but there are many options available if space is an issue. Easy store basketball hoops come in a variety of options that can help you best utilize the space available to you.

One option is a wall mounted unit. Wall mounted units can be attached to a wall or the side of a home. Since wall mounted units consist only of a backboard and rim, they do not have the ground pole that may get in the way in small spaces. Wall mounted units can still be customized to meet your needs giving you the choice of rim type and backboard type.

Another option for an easy store basketball hoops is a portable basketball hoop. Portable hoops can be moved as needed. They consist of a base, pole, backboard and rim. The base can be filled with sand or water to keep the system stable. Many portable hoops come with wheels on the bottom that can be unlocked to move the system when needed. Other models are foldable so they can be stored in a garage or storage area. With portable hoops you do not have to have an area that is dedicated solely to basketball.

Another option is a foldable system such as the FoldaMount 46 Victory. The FoldaMount is a high-quality side-fold wall-mounted basketball system. This is perfect for a gym that has several uses such as other sports or gatherings. It folds either to the left or the right to move the basketball goal closer to the wall. You don’t need to use any special tools or a ladder to do so. It can be folded easily by just about anyone.

With the FoldaMount 46 Victory installation is a very simple process. It gives you the option of installing anywhere from 48″ to 72″. This gives you the flexibility to install it to meet the specifications of your floor measurements and facility. You do not have to have the exact calculations when ordering. You can make changes as you install since you have so much room to work with.

For another easy store option, consider a retractable system. These systems have a backboard and a rim with a net. It is mounted to a gym wall and ceiling but has a motor to retract the system when needed. With the unlocking of a button, the system will mechanically fold making room for other equipment or sports activities. The button is key based so you can be assured that it will not be moved during play.

There are many options for easy store basketball hoops. Don’t let a lack of space be a reason to not get a basketball hoop. All of these options come with customizable features such as backboard size, backboard material, rim type, and backboard support. You are sure to find a hoop that works for your space needs.

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What is the Difference Between Goalrilla Basketball Hoops and Mammoth Basketball Hoops?

Goalrilla Basketball Systems and Mammoth Basketball Systems Similarities:

Goalrilla and Mammoth goals have essentially the same target market. These types of basketball hoops are high-end products for a home sports court. Both systems use either a 5×5 or 6×6 inch square steel pole; both systems use a J-Bolt anchor kits to attach the goal to the ground; both systems have glass backboards; and both have 54-inch, 60-inch, and 72-inch backboard sizes. These poles have similar grades of steel and both have limited lifetime warranties. So, the more important question to be considered are the differences.

Differences Between Goalrilla and Mammoth:

These several have several important differences. The first of these differences is the thickness of the glass backboard. All Goalrilla backboards are 3/8″ thick; whereas, Mammoth basketball backboards range in thickness from 6 mm to 8 mm (.236″ to.31″). The increased thickness in backboard provides both better rebound and more durability. Another differences is the method of height adjustment.

Both Goalrilla and Mammoth systems are height adjustable from 7.5 ft. to 10 ft. The Goalrilla uses a turn crank mechanism to adjust the height. The Mammoth system uses a squeeze handle to adjust the height. While both mechanisms are going to provide infinite adjusts in rim height, the Mammoth Rapid Cam mechanism is much easier to use. The last major difference applies to only the 60-inch backboard model.

The Goalrilla 60-inch model has a 6×6 square steel pole. The comparable Mammoth goal has a 5×5 square pole. The larger pole provides greater stability to the Goalrilla than the Mammoth goal.

On average, the Goalrilla models are going to sell for about $250 more for the same sized backboard. Both basketball goals are excellent for a home basketball court. The differences mentioned above may or may not be worth the increased cost for the Goalrilla systems. Hopefully these differences will help in your shopping research.

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Basketball Standards, Hoops and Goals – What’s the Difference?

I work for an online sports paraphernalia company that offers a wide variety of basketball apparel and equipment. So much so that potential customers are often confused about what to buy and what will ultimately fit their needs. The majority of the confusion pertains to basketball standards, hoops and goals and what each entails. Well, here’s the skinny on each.

Basketball Standard: Basketball standards are the most expensive of the bunch. They can be either portable or stationary. When you think basketball standard you should think of the type of basketball system that is used in the NBA or out on the playground. Simply put, a basketball standard is the entire package – rim, backboard, net and pole.

Basketball Hoop: When little Johnny writes to Santa Claus telling him he wants a basketball hoop for Christmas, he means that he wants the entire package. However, a basketball hoop is not quite the entire package. A basketball hoop is the combination of a rim, net and backboard, but no pole. Think of your high school gym. Yes, you probably had a basketball standard in there somewhere which the basketball team most likely used for real games. But you also had basketball hoops on the surrounding walls. That is what a basketball hoop is – a rim, net and backboard that can be fastened to an already existing structure.

Basketball Goal: The name of this particular piece of equipment get its name from its intended purpose. The word goal is something you strive towards. In sports, the goal is usually the place where you score points. Well, the same is true in basketball. The goal is just another name for the rim.

When purchasing sporting equipment, it is good to know the difference between the various technical terms associated with each individual sport. If you don’t, you may unintentionally buy something which you did not want.

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