Reasonably Priced Football Cleats – Not Cheap!

Today it is essential to have a pair of football cleats if you are thinking of professional football right from day one. Football cleats are designed to withstand constant battering that comes with football, while at the same time, offering protection to the feet, especially the heels, toes, and ankles at times. Most sports brands have their own line of football cleats in many variants, offering professionals a variety of models to choose from.

Some brands come out with updated versions of the same model, thus if the model has had a good acceptance among the public, the updated version is likely to be bought as well. Manufacturers must take care that the new version upholds the model’s popularity, and does not let it down.

What are the notable features of prevailing professional football cleats?

· Stud patterns to suit different playing surfaces. FG Boots for Firm Ground, SG boots for Soft Ground and AG Boots for Artificial Ground – turf, all these have differing stud patterns. Using them on the wrong surface causes grave injuries and threaten a professional’s career. Generally, it is bigger studs if you are playing on grass and smaller studs if you are running on artificial turf.

· Mix stud patterns – like an SG/FG mix which can be used on both surfaces also called mixed soleplates. (This is where the studs are attached) These are not recommended however. It is better to buy 2 cheaper pairs of cleats for different surfaces.

· Flexible soleplate and thin material as uppers for you to feel the ball, but still protect your feet. Kangaroo leather is still popular among many players, but synthetic material has made great advances, trying to create the light feel, yet offer breathability and protection as well.

· A Collar to fit the ankle, which offers protection as well as a secure ‘locked-in’ feeling it gives to the player.

· Great strides in developing new upper material consisting of polyester fabric and yarn in a knit construction, which can be made into an upper seamlessly covering the entire upper area of the shoe, the knit varying from more open knit for areas where flexibility is required and more closed and tight where protection is needed.

· Bright colors and patterns never seen before. It seems that viewing football has come to mean viewing the footwork of these champions, because you cannot take your eyes off the fluorescent hues of their football cleats!

· Warranties – Most football cleats manufacturers stand behind their products and have toll free helplines to register your complaints. They also offer warranties to safeguard against any manufacturing defect.

· Ease of buying – You can buy your football cleats from the company website, or from online retailers. It is better to check with online retailers having a range you can choose from, of different manufacturers and brands. They offer periodic discounts when the shoes outlive the season of manufacture. You can also visit the company retail store or an authorized retailer’s store.

Source by Satvik Mittal

Beginner’s Football Workout For High School Football Players

Here is a football strength workout for beginners and high school football players. This workout plan serves as the base to put 20-30 lbs on your lifts.

Do this football workout 3x’s per week for 3 months, always trying to beat your previous bests.

Remember, your goal as a high school football player is to get bigger, stronger, more explosive and faster for football, so, your football workouts must reflect this. You can’t simply throw together random exercises and hope for the best!

We start off every session with a main exercise, for heavy, multiple sets of low reps.

If it call for 8 x 3, that means 8 sets of 3 reps. Use the first 3 sets as warm ups then keep adding weight until you reach as much as you can for 3 reps in good form.


Front Squat – 8 x 3
Incline – 5 x 5
Glute Ham Raise – 3 x 8 (add weight when possible)

1-Arm Row to Hip – 3 x 10
Snatch Grip Shrugs – 3 x 12
Standing Cable Crunch – 3 x 8
Curls – 21’s – 1 set


Snatch Grip Deadlifts – 8 x 2
Close Grip Bench – 3 x 8

DB or KB Swings – 3 x 8
Bulgarian Squats – 2 x 12
DB Front Raise and Lateral Raise Combo – 3 x 8 (each way – Do a Front Raise, then a Lateral)
Low Cable or Band Row – 3 x 8 (Pull low toward the hip while seated, this will target the lats hard)
Hypers – 3 x 10


Bar Push Ups – 3 x max reps (have them stump a band if needed)

Clean Pulls – 3 x 5
DB Shrugs – 3 x 20
Saxon Side Bends – 3 x 12
Chins – 3 x 8
Preacher Curls – 3 x 8
Behind the Head Extension – 3 x 8 (Super set with curls)

Stick with these and work hard every session. At the end of the month, you will change the exercises and sets/reps.

Source by Steve Morris

Season-Long Cash Fantasy Football Leagues

Daily/Weekly fantasy football leagues get the most press nowadays but they are still FAR in the minority of desired games that fantasy football participants like playing. Long before then, the majority of people playing fantasy football will be registering their season-long private fantasy football leagues and joining their season-long public fantasy football leagues.

For those wanting to take advantage of unique fantasy football features but don’t have enough people for a private Commissioner League or prefer to play for higher stakes, there are numerous public fantasy football leagues that utilize these options. 2015 public fantasy football leagues are listed below and come in a range of entry fees/payouts.

  • Traditional leagues (available in Live Draft and Autodraft) – 10-team head-to-head league featuring the most widely-accepted positions and scoring system: 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WR/TE, 1 TE, 1 D, 1 K.
  • PPR leagues – 10-team Live Draft head-to-head league resembles the Traditional league but an additional starting RB/WR swing position is added and the scoring system awards a point per reception and RB/WR TDs drop to 4 points each with bonuses awarded (extra 1 or 2 points) for longer TDs.
  • TD Only leagues – 10-team Live Draft head-to-head is a big departure from Traditional fantasy leagues and harken back to the days of scoring on paper when the Commissioner made life easy on himself and only needed to score points for Touchdowns. TD scoring only is what you will find here so you won’t have to worry about drafting any idiot kickers. TD points vary with the distant of the touchdown.
  • League Average leagues – 10-team Live Draft head-to-head league resembles the Traditional league but an additional starting RB/WR swing position is added and the scoring system matches the standard except for ranges for the kicking and defensive statistics. The twist in this league is you will receive 2 decisions per week; one versus your H2H opponent and one versus the League Average (average score of the starting lineups for that week). This league type awards higher-scoring teams more than standard H2H.
  • Bye Week Rollover leagues – 10-team Live Draft head-to-head league resembles the Traditional league but an additional starting RB/WR swing position is added and the scoring system matches the standard except for ranges for the kicking and defensive statistics. The twist in this league is you will be able to choose players the week before they are on Bye and determine if you want their points for that week to also carry-over to their Bye week, thus locking in two weeks (good or bad).
  • In-game change leagues – 10-team Live Draft head-to-head league resembles the Traditional league but an additional starting RB/WR swing position is added and the scoring system matches the standard except for ranges for the kicking and defensive statistics. The twist in this league is you will be able to change players at the half. This helps if you have a player that is hurt or underperforming. Of course, the first half is locked in already and you will only be able to replace the second half with another player’s half that is currently open (either first or second half).
  • Total Point leagues – 10-team Live Draft Total Point league resembles the Traditional league but an additional starting RB/WR swing position is added and the scoring system matches the standard except for ranges for the kicking and defensive statistics. The twist in this league is that the standings are based off of the total points accumulated over the course of the season by your starting lineup. This league truly awards the highest scoring team. This league runs a full 17-week season and has no playoffs.

Source by Bill E Parsons

Best Football Teams In Bulgaria

Football is religion for this small country. Throughout its communist times, the Bulgarian nation managed to preserve its nationality and freedom exactly through supporting the country’s favourite football club – Levski Sofia named after the apostle of Bulgarian freedom from Ottoman rule, established in 1914. Known under many different names throughout the years, broken down and dissolved in an attempt to subdue the enthusiasm and empower the communist motto “If you’re not with us, you are against us” and stomp on the basic human rights to support a team they love, Levski Sofia football club has managed to perservere and come out on top in today’s society. It has won 26 Bulgarian Championship titles, only beaten by its rival CSKA Sofia. Famous football icons such as Gundi and Gonzo who played internationally have captained the team and have taken it to worldwide fame. Gerena stadium is the main stadium of Levski Stadium with capacity of 19,000.

The other mostly supported Bulgarian team is CSKA Sofia. Its history is a little different to Levski’s as they were the Army’s team in the past – supported by the government in power and managed by the very same. Considering they have won 31 title in the shorter history, founded in 1934, it is only fair to consider the fact that during communist times they were pushed to victories in order to maintain the control of the governing party by proving to the ordinary citizen that the leading party is the almighty powerful tool that is to lead them. If we put that aside, CSKA has provided one of the top quality footballers on a worldwide level, including Hristo Stoichkov and Dimitar Berbatov, one playing for Barcelona, reaching 4th place with Bulgarian national team and winning the Golden Ball award and the other playing for top clubs like Tottenham, Manchester United and Monaco and winning the Champions League, respectively. CSKA Sofia has a great academy for youngsters and is known to promote young footballers and develop them to become great professionals.

The most famous, risen to infamousy football club recently is Ludogoretz. It’s owner is Kiril Domuschiev, a wealthy businessman that funds the club and supplies it with a budget nearly 5 times as large as the second to it in terms of finance. Their main strategy is to acquire footballers from abroad, primarily African regions and Brazil and use them to dominate in the local championship. Results speak for themselves, Ludogoretz has been a champion for the past 4 years since it emerged in the Group A of the Bulgarian football league. They played in the Champions League groups last year narrowly losing to Liverpool and Real Madrid and beating Basel on home turf. The team resembles Manchester City and Real Madrid in terms of management and is the top club in Bulgaria at the moment.

Source by David Williams

Football Boots Buying Guide

With time, football boots are becoming an essential accessory for football players. These shoes come in thousands of styles, as there are many manufacturers out there. So, which shoes should you go for? Here are some pieces of advice from experts to make it easier for you.


Do your feet hurt in your shoes? If you can’t walk comfortably in your shoes, how can you play with them on? In other words, comfort is the first thing that should be considered when buying a good pair.

Price level

You have to set a price limit. In the store, you may be tempted by the thought that you can go for that awesome pair if you spend just a few more bucks. But believe me, you shouldn’t cross the price barrier you set. Most of the time, good football boots come with a price tag of not more than $200. This can be a good price limit for you.

Size Matters

No matter how cheap it may be, don’t grab a pair that is too big for you. While the price may be tempting, don’t make this mistake. Playing in a pair that does not fit you is a sure fire way to lose a game.

Don’t Rely on Big Names

Big names don’t necessarily make the best shoes. Small or less popular manufacturers can also make quite good shoes. In other words, there is no harm in trying on shoes made by less popular brands. As long as they make shoes that meet your requirements, you can buy from them.

Shop Around

Shopping around may ensure you get the best pair at the best price. In the market, you should visit several stores to get quotes and check out different pairs. This is the only most reliable and conventional way of buying the shoes you want.

Avoid Marketing Ploys

Do you want the same brand of shoes that Cristiano Ronaldo put on? If you do, stop. Are you sure the same brand will be best for you too? There is a chance that the pair made by that manufacture won’t fit you. So, this is not the right way to buy a pair of boots, especially for playing football.

Buying Online

While online stores may be cheaper than physical stores, buying shoes from an online store doesn’t seem like a good idea unless the store is trustworthy. The size may be wrong or the appearance may be different from the pictures you saw on their website. Moreover, you can’t try on the shoes you saw on a website. How can you ensure that the boots will be comfortable? Therefore, it’s a good idea that you go to a local store and try on a few good pairs.

There you go! Hopefully, if you re-read these tips before heading for your local store to try on different pairs of shoes, you will not buy the wrong pair. Usually, when people buy from online stores without thinking about the important tips given in this article, they end up with wrong pairs.

Source by Satvik Mittal

How to Play Fantasy Football for Beginners

If you are entering the world of fantasy football for the first time, you are sure to wonder why it took you so long to come around. Playing fantasy football, whether for fun or real money, is a great way to enjoy one of America’s favorite sports, professional football. As a beginner, you will most likely be playing with experienced managers that already know the nuances of the game. This quick guide is designed to show how to play fantasy football for beginners, and maybe level the playing field just a little.

Picking a League Format

When you sign onto a free or real money fantasy football site, you will be asked to register. If it’s a real money site, you will also be asked to make a deposit. Free sites typically are used for league play where you draft a team and play that team in a league format for an entire season. Real money sites focus on weekly competitions where you pay the contest fee and choose your team for that specific contest only based on salary cap limitations. Regardless of which format you choose, you must take the time to understand the rules and the scoring in order to decide how to best develop your team.

Tips on Picking Players

As a beginner, you will most likely have a casual approach to picking players, preferring not to invest a great deal of time on statistical analysis. That’s fine and understandable, but you should be aware that some of your competition will use that information, which provides a bit of an advantage over those who don’t.

Tips for Picking Players in an Annual League Format

Note: standard leagues use offensive skilled position players, kickers and team defenses only. If individual defensive players are included, it is referred to as a “IDP” league. Beginners should avoid auction drafts and stick with standard “snake” drafts.

1. As you are drafting your team, pick the best available player for each specific position first before you start drafting backup players.

2. Draft a balanced team and try not to over-focus on one particular position. Also, you want to avoid drafting your favorite players unless they will truly benefit you in the scoring.

3. Look for a “scoring bias” in the scoring rules. This refers to the notion that some leagues sets scoring rules that might favor the QB a little. If so, you want a top QB. If not, you should give a little extra focus to running backs and wide receivers.

4. Pick kickers and team defenses towards the end of the draft as they seldom provided any real advantage over a full season.

5. Watch your “bye” weeks. You want to make sure both your QBs don’t have the same bye week, which would force you to the waiver wire or to lose points.

Tips for Picking Players for Weekly Contests

When playing for money, you should alter your focus. You are not drafting players, you are selecting the best group of players you can without exceeding the salary cap.

1. Find value by selecting good offensive players scheduled to play against bad defensive teams. On the other side of the coin, you should avoid offensive players going up against the best defenses.

2. You should read weather reports and try to avoid players who might be playing in rain or snow. If you selected your teams well in advance, go back and make adjustments as necessary before game time.

3. Look for streaking players who may be under-valued and avoid slumping players who may be over-valued. Don’t be afraid to play the trends.

4. Use every dime of your salary cap.

5. Never play with more money than you can afford to lose.

Every week, it is up to you to manage your team. In league formats, fellow managers are expecting you to show up and play every week to the best of your ability whether you are in first place or last. As time passes, you will better understand the objectives and will start making better decisions. At the end of the day, this is a game. Have a great time and enjoy.

Source by Leon Edward

Presidential Election Upset Occurs Exactly Fifty Years After Merger of Two Football Leagues

It seems somehow fitting that the stunning upset in the Presidential Election happened just one day before the fiftieth anniversary of the official merger of the nation’s two professional football leagues. That historic legislation, signed by President Lyndon Bains Johnson on November 7, 1966, helped pave the way for one of the greatest upsets in the history of sports.

Considered an inferior organization, the AFL began in the mid sixties to gain popularity with football fans. That fact was made clear when the NBC television network interrupted a November 1968 New York Jets and Oakland Raiders game to show the film Heidi, only to be hounded afterward by protests from fans around the country.

It was those very Jets who just two months later managed to pull off an upset similar to the one Donald Trump enjoyed in this recent Presidential Election. In the third Super Bowl New York had to face the Baltimore Colts who, like Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016, were heavily favored to win.

In spite of the fact that the Jets were eighteen point underdogs, quarterback Joe Namath publicly declared that New York would win the game. Donald Trump would make a similar promise about the Presidential Election fifty years later, and history has recorded that both men succeeded.

Namath and the Jets beat the Colts 16-7 to win the Super Bowl, the first ever by an AFL team. The Green Bay Packers of the NFL had dominated the previous Super Bowls, out scoring their opponents in Kansas City and Oakland by a margin of 68-24.

In Joe Namath-like fashion last week, Donald Trump led the Republican Party to an upset victory over Clinton and the Democrats. Almost every election poll had predicted a big win for Clinton, as did every major newspaper and TV network. It promised to be so one-sided that some stations might have even interrupted the coverage to show a film not unlike the infamous decision to show Heidi over the Jets-Raiders matchup.

Fortunately, every station stuck with the election, which proved to be much closer than predicted. The surprise result will obviously have a much larger impact on America than did the Jets victory all those years ago, but that upset on the gridiron proved to be a great benefit to the NFL and the millions of football fans in the country.

A year after that Jets victory the leagues merged into one, which has since then been experiencing incredible financial and social growth for the last fifty years. Perhaps the recent Presidential upset can bring about a similar effect, maybe in the form of a peaceful merger between the two rival political parties to help bridge the antagonistic divisions among the American people.

Source by Doug Poe

Best Football Players Ever

The ingenuity and creativity that symbolize the game of football would render a form of art rather than the physical context of the sport. Football players are granted the freedom of expression that is why it is the distinguished sport from others. Cricketers and baseball players are limited to specific actions, but football players may dribble, tackle, pass, or shoot in variety of different ways, which allows footballers to reach the peak of the sport.

The list below doesn’t include the current star players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, rather the list contains the players who have retired from the beautiful game.

10. Zinedine Zidane – France

Zinedine Zidane’s strong points are his passing, strength, ball control and individual skill. We got to see the best performances from Zidane in the most important or decisive games that we don’t get to see from many players. In 789 games he scored total of 159 goals as a central midfielder. He won 2000 European Championships and 1998 World Cup with France. With Real Madrid and Juventus he won one European Cup and 3 league titles.

9. George Best – Northern Ireland

The career of George Best was inundated by drink problems, but his ability and talent was almost unmatched. With Manchester United he won two league titles and 1968 European Cup. In 579 games he scored total of 205 goals as an attacking midfielder and was the winner of Ballon d’Or in 1968.

8. Ferenc Puskas – Hungary

Puskas was known for his precise goal scoring ability. Combining his scoring talent with the ability to produce new skills and general intelligence, he scored 700 goals in total of 705 matches. With Real Madrid he won 5 league titles and 3 European Cups. In 1954 he led Hungary to the World Cup Final.

7. Alfredo Di Stefano – Argentina

Stefano was a prolific player for Real Madrid with 511 sensational goals in 702 games. He wasn’t an orthodox forward though; he used to appear all over the filed, passing, tackling, and dictating the game. As a whole he was a complete footballer the game has ever seen. He won 5 European Cups with Real Madrid, and won total of 13 league titles throughout his career.

6. Michel Platini – France

With 353 goals in 652 matches, it wouldn’t be wrong to say Michel was an attacking midfielder. He was a superb free kick taker and excellent passer. Scoring 9 goals in 1984 European Cup, he almost helped France to win the championship. He won 3 league titles and a European Cup with Juventus.

5. Franz Beckenbauer – Germany

In today’s lingo, Beckenbauer was a defensive midfielder or a sweeper, but that wasn’t enough to stop him from scoring 111 goals in 776 appearances for Bayern Munich and Germany. Just like Di Stefano, he was seen all over the field, exerting his influence and dictating the game. Obviously he was the decisive captain, but combined with his all round technical ability, passing and dribbling; he was surely one of the greatest footballers ever. He won the 1972 European Championships, 1974 World Cup, along with 8 league titles and 3 European Cups during his career in clubs.

4. Johann Cruyff – Netherlands

Cruyff had the pace and dribbling of George Best and the strength, control and skill of Zinedine Zidane. Combination of calculating intelligence, clinical ability and sublime gracefulness made him the complete football player. As an attacking midfielder he scored 401 goals in 710 appearances. He won 10 league titles and 3 European Championships.

3. Zico – Brazil

Zico’s capability in football world was never in question, though he was seldom included in the list of top players due to his deficiency of successes. He was a prolific goal scorer with 527 goals in 769 matches. His ability to produce unique skills and shots also made him remarkable creator of goals. Moreover, he had mastered the free-kick and heading ability. He won 4 league titles and the Copa Libertadores.

2. Pele- Brazil

Pele is often ranked the best footballer in the history of the game. His dribbling ability, pace, strength and sheer power saw him score varieties of goal. In 1366 games he scored 1282 goals. The ultimate goal score machine helped Brazil win World Cup in 1958, 1962 and 1970. He also won 5 league titles and 2 Copa Libertadores.

1. Diego Maradona – Argentina

Undoubtedly Maradona’s talent was the greatest ever seen in the history of football. His crossing and passing were precise, his goal scoring was clinical and unique, and his dribbling ability was mesmerizing which helped earn him plenty of assists throughout his career. Being an attacking midfielder he score 345 goals in 680 matches. Though he had a difficult career than Pele, he still won 3 league titles and 1986 World Cup. He also won UEFA Cup with Napoli.

Source by Shyam Dangol

What Are The Different Types Of Football Boot Soles?

When buying football boots most people look at the upper parts of the shoes for breathability comfort and stability. But the sole of your soccer cleats should also be taken into consideration because they determine the kind of experience you have especially when moving and running on the different playing surfaces. You should ensure that the sole matched the type of surface or ground you will be playing in to get the most from your activity.

The right sole prevents poor pitch performance and injuries too that are risked when using the wrong sole for a given surface. The different soles available are designed to offer maximum traction, stability and comfort even when running at high speed. They also make it possible for you to plant feet and change direction at angles that are extreme on any given surface. By knowing the sole options available you should be in a position to choose the most suitable for your play.

Changeable studs – They are perfect for maximizing grip on soft play grounds. The studs are metallic and long so they are able to sink into the mud or soft surfaces, offering more traction when turning and running. The studs make it possible for players to screw-in or snap different sized studs to match weather conditions or the state of the playing field so they are able to achieve better performance even in such situations. The length of the studs can range from 12mm to 18mm and they come with the advantage of being replaceable once they are damaged or worn out.

Astroturf soles – They are soccer boot soles that have sharper and shorter suds that are molded onto carbon rubber soles to provide strong grip especially on synthetic surfaces. These are the soles that are most suited for hard sand based pitches and artificial rubber crumb pitches alike.

Molded studs – The molded stud soles are made of rubber and they are best for harder grass pitches. The studs are much shorter compared to the metal studs and this allows them to have a solid grip on dry pitches and they also remain very comfortable under the feet.

Indoor soles – Indoor soccer cleats come with soles that are made from non-marking gum rubber. The gum rubber offers maximum grip on the otherwise slippery indoor pitches or wooden surfaces. The rubber also ensures that no marks are left on the floor regardless of the speed of play. The fact that the rubber sole warms up during play on wooden floor increases the grip. Because of their stability and exceptional grip qualities, the soles are suitable for futsal games and all indoor football games.

As it is evident, the sole of your football boot can greatly determine your performance. The last thing you want is to end up with a cleat that makes it hard for you to play well in given surfaces. It is always important that you match the boot to the ground or soccer pitch type to get optimal results when playing.

Source by Jovia D’Souza

Developing Aggression in Youth Football Players, the Splatter Tackling Drill

Splatter Tackling Drills

We are huge fans of splatter tackling and splatter tackling drills when you are coaching youth football. These drills are great ways to ease your kids into full contact. We think it is imperative to prefect blocking and tackling technique at the youth level. Too many youth football coaches just don’t spend enough time or demand the perfection of detail that makes kids great blockers and tacklers.

Ruining the Potential of Good Kids

Despite what many youth coaches think, most kids aren’t born to be great blockers and tacklers, they are made. Unfortunately there are a bunch of kids out there that have the potential to be very good football players that are ruined by their youth football coach. These coaches rush kids into contact before they have perfected perfect blocking and tackling technique with their players WITHOUT contact. Too many kids get rushed into full speed blocking and tackling in space well before they are ready for it. That’s a coaching problem, not a kid problem. Coach is too busy trying to quickly see who is studs are, before giving his average and weaker kids a chance to develop the skills and confidence to be able to survive and compete in a full speed tackling or blocking drill in space.

Splatter Drills

In our book “Winning Youth Football a Step-by- Step Plan”, we detail exactly how you can do it. One of the key steps is using “Splatter” drills. The Splatter Drill lets a player learn how to accelerate through contact without experiencing the consequence of a reciprocal blow. This drill also allows the player to take another player to the ground without a hard ground impact. This drill can also help you drill the correct landmarks for feet placement, head placement and hip roll.

For the player playing the role of the “patsy”, the player providing zero resistance to the block or tackle and is getting slammed into a soft landing matt on every rep, the job doesn’t sound like much fun. But what I’m hearing from coaches all across the country is that their kids love to be the one holding the shield and getting slammed onto the landing pad every play. I thought our kids were weird, they all want to play the pasty, but I guess everyones kids are as odd as mine.

Problems With Splatter Drills

One of the things that always bothered me about this drill was the fact you need to have 4 long dummys to use as landing pads. Well at about $100 each, that is $400, out of the reach of many youth programs. Lugging these dummies around is a big hassle as well. Then once on the field, you have just one landing pad for 25 kids. As most of you know I’m not a fan of having kids standing in long lines, so that means whenever we do splatter drills. It is only part of a circuit, it is never a drill we want to do on it’s own, even if we need it.

The Solution, Tony Holland to the Rescue

My good friend Tony Holland from Maryland solved this one. He went to Walmart and bought several camping air mattresses for $65 each. Each mattress is big enough to be a landing pad all by itself. These things roll up into a small box too, so you don’t need a pickup to lug them around. Tony bought a small electric air compressor for $20 that not only inflates each mattress in less than 2 minutes, it also sucks the air out as well when you are finished. Tony has several of these mattresses so his kids can all do Splatter Drills at the same time and in much smaller groups. He didn’t have to repair a single leak and he said all of his are good to go for next season.

Source by Dave Cisar